We speak English and… Italian if you like!

We are the reliable partner you’re looking for when travelling around Dante’s country; we know the area from the Alps to Etna having explored it all in our 20 years of business. We are the ones that unearth palaces, castles, private and undiscovered places, we open the doors of museums, historical locations and institutions … normally inaccessible.
incoming made in Italy
We are the ones who can privatize sailing ships for navigating our seas but also the coastlines for organizing a party. We can privatize whole districts of art cities for special itineraries to discover colors, flavors, perfumes, music and anything that can wake the 5 senses of a new, undiscovered country even for an Italian… With us, work becomes a pleasure from the moment you arrive!
we take you to Venezia, Roma, Milano, Firenze, Verona, Torino, Parma, Napoli, Palermo and to Amalfi Coast, Taormina, Matera, Capri, Salento Coast…also

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